Yves Klein

1928 - 1962


Yves Klein and Jean Tinguely met in 1955. They worked together at the Iris Clert Gallery, during the 1958 exhibition "Vitesse pure et stabilité monochrome" (Pure Speed and Monochrome Stability). The resulting works were composed of metal discs covered with IKB (International Klein Blue) and animated by a motor turning at high speed. Yves Klein's reflections on monochromes and forms had a lasting influence on Jean Tinguely's oeuvre. In 1960, under the impetus of Yves Klein, they both joined the New Realism art movement, which also notably included Arman, César, Martial Raysse and Daniel Spoerri. In 1988, Jean Tinguely paid him a final tribute with a work entitled Dernière collaboration avec Yves Klein (Final Collaboration with Yves Klein).