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Work de Jean-Pierre Raynaud

La Jauge, 1973


La Jauge (The Gauge) by Jean-Pierre Raynaud is composed of 22 panels of folded, enamelled sheet metal and is based on La Tour éphémère (The Ephemeral Tower). It was created in 1973, once Le Cyclop had reached its current height of 22 meters. La Jauge (The Gauge) changed position several times, though always alongside La Tour éphémère, before being turned definitively to the northeast. The paint quickly faded due to the surrounding humidity and the panels were targeted by hunters, so it was removed in the late 1970s. A new gauge was installed around 1990. The work is directly inspired by the limnimetric scales used to measure water levels in reservoirs, dams, or under bridges. Associated with Le Cyclop, it allows us to measure the madness and collective energy of the artists, which led to its creation.

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