Work de César

La Grande Compression, 1994

  • TitreLa Grande Compression (The Great Compression)
  • Créateur
  • Type d'élémentWork


La Grande Compression (The Great Compression)  and La Petite Compression (The Small Compression) are two works by César that are located on the north side, behind the head and at the foot of La Tour éphémère (The Ephemeral Tower) by Jean Tinguely. They constitute two parallelepipedal blocks of metal of different sizes. The pieces of iron were compressed using presses similar to those used by scrap-metal dealers. Installed in 1994, shortly after the inauguration of Le Cyclop, they have changed location several times. They weigh about a ton each.

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  • Matériaux
  • Numéro d'inventaireFNAC 95419 (6-1)
  • Dimensions195 x 70 x 75 cm