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Work de Daniel Spoerri

La Chambre renversée de l'hôtel de l'Étoile, 1976

  • TitreLa Chambre renversée de l'hôtel de l'Étoile (The Tilted Room of the Hotel de l'Étoile)
  • Autre titre
    • Chambre de Spoerri (Spoerri's Room)
  • Créateur
  • Type d'élémentWork


Daniel Spoerri's Chambre renversée de l'hôtel de l'Étoile (The Tilted Room of the Hotel de l’Étoile) is a reconstruction of the maid's room in which he lived in 1952, in a building on the Rue des Ternes in Paris. The reconstruction, made inside a metal box, has been tilted 90 degrees: visitors can observe the interior of the room from the third floor of The Cyclop, through a skylight. All the room’s elements have been glued by the artist vertically to the back wall; they include an iron bed, a sink, a bookshelf above the bed, a table (and dishes with glued remnants of meals), a kitchen cupboard and a dresser. Wallpaper adorns the walls, with linoleum covering the floor. The furnishings have been reconstructed by the artist from memory, but the books and objects are in some cases the original components of Daniel Spoerri's 1952 room, where Jean Tinguely stayed with his partner Eva Aeppli when he visited his friend in Paris. Designed in the early 1970s, the room was sealed with a steel door to prevent its vandalization by Le Cyclop’s "penetrators" (as the artist liked to call them). The work thus remained secret up until 1988, when Le Cyclop was donated to the state.

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