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Work de Jean Tinguely

La Batterie, 1976

  • TitreLa Batterie (The Drum Set)
  • Autre titre
    • Instruments de musique (Musical Instruments)
  • Créateur
  • Type d'élémentWork


La Batterie (The Drum Set) is located on the second floor, to the left of The Cyclop's mouth. Near a spiral staircase designed for children is an old metal drum and two metal discs to be used as percussion to play music. The drumstick is still available, for tapping on the barrel and cymbals and on the rest of the structure. Jean Tinguely imagined children playing hide-and-seek on the stairs, banging on the drums, and sliding down the tongue-slide. In 1991, following the installation of a mosaic of mirrors, the slide was transformed into a waterfall flowing into its basin.

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  • Numéro d'inventaireFNAC 95419 (32)