Work de Niki de Saint Phalle, Jean Tinguely

L'Incitation au suicide, 1978

  • TitreL'Incitation au suicide (The Incitement to Suicide)
  • Autres titres
    • Invitation au suicide (Invitation to Suicide)
    • Suicide contrôlé (Controlled Suicide)
  • Créateurs
  • Type d'élémentWork


L’Incitation au suicide (Incitement to Suicide) is a sculpture by Niki de Saint Phalle: a ceramic-covered skull and crossbones, set inside a large air vent, placed horizontally by Jean Tinguely on the second level of the Cyclop. This air vent came from the construction site of the Centre Pompidou, where Pontus Hultén, a great friend of the artist, was director. A small staircase at the foot of the vent leads to the skull, fixed within the centre of the tube via welded metal beams. Made of polyester, it is covered with a mosaic of golden mirrors. The eyes comprise red mosaic mirrors, while palladium covers the teeth. Inside the head is a light bulb: the light shines out through a hole drilled in the left eye, while also illuminating the interior of the skull.

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