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Work de Jean Tinguely

Hommage à Yves Klein, 1976

  • TitreHommage à Yves Klein (Tribute to Yves Klein)
  • Créateur
  • Type d'élémentWork


The Hommage à Yves Klein (Tribute to Yves Klein), located at the top of Le Cyclop, above the theatre and the apartment, is a squarish, water-filled basin. The entire background is painted black, allowing the water to reflect the sky. The basin thus evokes the painter’s famous blue monochromes – or, according to Pontus Hultén, Yves Klein’s thesis of a flat and square Earth defended before a group of Russian scientists… The entire basin is made of thick, welded sheet metal. The bottom has an inverted pyramidic shape, with a depth of 80 cm in the centre and edges flush with the surface. In 1993, Seppi Imhof extended the encircling walkway, designed by Jean Tinguely, for more “fluid” visits.

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