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Work de Arman

L'Accumulation de gants, 1991—1992

  • TitreL'Accumulation de gants (The Accumulation of Gloves)
  • Créateur
  • Type d'élémentWork


L’Accumulation de gants (The Accumulation of Gloves)  is a work conceived from a type of waste emblematic of Le Cyclop construction site: welder's gloves. Jean Tinguely invited Arman to design a work to be placed above Jesús Rafael Soto's Pénétrable sonore (Sound-Penetrable) and to close off one side of the Restaurant Spoerri (Spoerri’s Restaurant), occupying the second-level mezzanine. The work is composed of two Plexiglas forms, each containing 105 gloves, gleaned by the artist from the construction site before being assembled with glue and enclosed within the panels.

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